Haroen | Email Regexes

You might’ve come around trying to check an email address. The best strategy for this is to be as lenient as possible. You don’t want people who have a “weird” email address to get blocked by your system to even enter their address.

Some (weird) possibilities you should consider:

My solution only has one major flaw1, and that’s that it won’t allow domains without a tld or an ip address.

I check for any character more than once (.+), followed by a single @, followed by the domain which can be an ipv4 address, an ipv6 address or a domain with tld. this will check for any character followed by a dot or a colon, followed by any character, which will match, haroen.me, ::1 or 2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334 (.+(\.|:).+)


Some testing can be done here at regex101, a very useful tool to check regular expressions.

  1. okay, there could be more flaws, let me know if I forget something ↩︎