Haroen | Figuring out what needs to be done

A blog post I wrote is up on the Open Summer of Code blog here.

A large part of every project is getting started, and that’s the position we’re currently in with team Moby Link (or mobylink, moby link, Mobylink, whatever you want for now), a project from Data Science Lab, and we got a quite vague subject to work with:

Show the advantage of linked open data

This started with a few problems. First of all we didn’t really know what linked open data was yet, second of all, how do you show what the example is and third of all who it’s for.

We started with discussions and looking up about things like json-ld, RFDa etc. (I’ll try not to bore you with implementation details), but we didn’t find enough clear information on our own.

At that point Pieter explained us the point of linked data by relating links to URIs and gave us some datasets to convert (the Flemish traffic centre and the parking availability in Ghent). At this point we were able to create a demo for the hackaton, converting data and making data from scratch to show what needs to be done.

After that we decided to pivot into a project that explains the advantages of linked data to both people who haven’t heard of it ever, and to people who have vaguely heard of it and want to know implementation details.

As a gift because you’ve been reading my post for some time now (let’s guesstimate about a minute) you can get some sneak peeks of our “stories”. Keep in mind that this is the very initial part of the page and shouldn’t be taken at face value, merely as a guideline to show how far we will have come in the short coming three weeks

Hi! I’m Anna. Together with my boyfriend Bruce I’m on my way to Ghent. We’re in quite a hurry to find a parkingspot!

That’s where linked data will help us to lower to work load. By linking all available data we are not only able to gather all the data but also able to COMBINE IT!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day, to talk to the people behind this project directly, ping @haroenv, @PJGeeroms, Lisa Debontridder or our monitor, @pietercolpaert on Twitter.