Haroen | Getting settled

Phew, what a busy week! I arrived Sunday and immediately went to the offices of Algolia to meet Luky who was expecting me to give me a little sneak peak to where I was going to sit. At this point I didn’t really know a lot about what to do yet, but already set up some accounts. After talking there for a while I went to the company apartment, which is not so far away.

Monday I started at 9:30 with some meetings that explained how Algolia works behind the screens, how the company culture is working, and practical information. It was all a bit overwhelming, but in a good way ☺️.

screenshot of a calendar view the week of 8 February
my calendar for this week

After getting basic info, it was time to get my real assignment. Last week Sylvain (VP engineering), Vincent (my mentor, and teamlead of empowerment) and Kevin (devsigner) went to the Facebook offices in London to meet with the creators/maintainers of Yarn1, who mostly were working at Facebook. They did that, because I’m going to transform the search which there is now (thanks to Vincent) from being only results to a whole new detail page, with information coming from several places. I’m looking forward to have a meaningful impact.

Some things I’ve already done is improved the description of Yarn itself (#2654), and setting up the development experience to allow for modern practices in the yarn website (#375).

Other things I’ve done already is reading through loads of documentation of algolia, and opening pull requests here and there (for example #167).

Talk to you later 👋

  1. Yarn is a dependency management system, which uses the npm registry, and replicates it so it can be cached safely, and allows for offline usage (among being much faster than npm. ↩︎